4 Ağustos 2016

kıps. from angel's

0 – You are receiving divine guidance and reassurance on your path.
1 – Keep your thoughts positive, focus on your desires and suppress your fears. Your thoughts create reality.
2 – Stay optimistic and continue to hold the vision, even through tough times.
3 – Your guides are with you offering love and wisdom.
4 – Your angels are surrounding you to offer assistance in this exact moment.
5 – Positive change is coming. Ask your angels to help you manifest this change.
6 – Release fear, embrace trust, and find balance between the spiritual and material realms.
7 – Your path is aligned with Divine fortune. Pay attention to new opportunities.
8 – Infinite success and abundance are yours, in alignment with your Higher Purpose.
9 – It is time to begin the work of your Soul Path, now that you have all you need.
11 – Your intuition is on target. Keep your thoughts and vision aligned with your intention and your greatest dreams.
22 – Be patient, your prayers have been received and will soon be realized if you continue to work towards them.

3 Ağustos 2016

- En kötü gün.